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Black Athletes, Activism, and the Media Panel at Oberlin College

The roots of the current national conversation around Black athletes, activism, and the media extend far back into our history as a nation and well beyond the boundary lines of sport. Unfortunately, many who speak most loudly in that conversation are either unaware of these roots or choose to ignore them and, by doing so, efface the complex history of pain, pride, and struggle that has so powerfully marked the history of the relationship between Black athletes, activism and the media in this country. We brought a distinguished and exciting group of individuals to Oberlin College to help bring that history to light.

One Shining Moment: Yago’s A-Town Throwdown Edition

I was half-kidding when I told my students to make a “One Shining Moment” parody video of our Cultures of Basketball intra-class 3 on 3 tournament. They took me seriously.

That’s a Bad Prof Right There

A couple of clips from last night’s Yago’s A-Town Throwdown, the 2015 Cultures of Basketball intra-class 3 on 3 tournament, without further commentary.

The Voice of My Dad

The Voice of my Dad

I wrote most of this a few years ago. It seems much more important now (because of events I describe in my postscripts below), but […]

What is Hoops Culture Class For? Unleashing Humanity

In my research and teaching on the culture of sports, I’ve oriented the intellectual tools of my discipline toward helping my readers and students understand […]

Why We Watch: Ray Allen, A Life

In every Ray Allen jump shot, I see all of a life unfolding.

‘Money!’ A Story of a Passage Toward Greater Perfection

                             “Humility is a sadness born of the fact that a man […]

Dominator Jesus, a Reflection on the Religion of Basketball

A friend put this image on my Facebook wall the other day.  I’m pretty sure she was being ironic.  Maybe she remembered that I’d written […]