On Playing

26th September 1938:  Steeplejacks removing the spiked crown from the head of the Statue of Liberty, New York, for renovation work before the World's Fair.  (Photo by Horace Abrahams/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

America’s Game

How basketball may be, for better and for worse, America’s game.


One Shining Moment: Yago’s A-Town Throwdown Edition

I was half-kidding when I told my students to make a “One Shining Moment” parody video of our Cultures of Basketball intra-class 3 on 3 tournament. They took me seriously.

Screenshot 2015-06-15 15.07.45

That’s a Bad Prof Right There

A couple of clips from last night’s Yago’s A-Town Throwdown, the 2015 Cultures of Basketball intra-class 3 on 3 tournament, without further commentary.

IMG_0040 (1)

The Voice of my Dad

I wrote most of this a few years ago. It seems much more important now (because of events I describe in my postscripts below), but […]

What is Hoops Culture Class For? Unleashing Humanity

Here’s what I see when I walk into Cultures of Basketball on the first day. I’m not proud of this, nor am I proud of […]


Why We Watch: Ray Allen, A Life

In every Ray Allen jump shot, I see all of a life unfolding.

Read with a Basketball in Your Hands

In 1960, Coach Chuck Orsborn of Bradley University collaborated with Marshall K. McClelland to write the instructional volume Basketball for Boys as part of the […]

'Money!' A Story of a Passage Toward Greater Perfection

      “Humility is a sadness born of the fact that a man considers his own lack of power, or weakness.” “Humility is not […]