I am now Professor of English at Oberlin College, having just started here after a quarter-century teaching at the University of Michigan.

I think, teach, and write about sports, literature, philosophy and the arts as equipment for living.

In my teaching and writing, I creatively explore and convey how we can, by critically engaging these spheres of human experience, enhance the enjoyment we derive from them, deepen our understanding of their role in society, and develop our ability to read and to invent the kinds of stories—about ourselves, others, and the world we live in—that can make that world a little bit better.  Here are some of the courses I taught at Michigan.

I am the author of Ball Don’t Lie! Myth, Genealogy, and Invention in the Cultures of Basketball, have published scholarly essays in such academic journals as the Journal of Sport and Social Issues, the Journal of Sport History, and Communication and Sport and popular essays in online venues such as Salon and The Classical, and been interviewed for NPR,, and various podcasts. I am currently working on a companion volume to Ball Don’t Lie! entitled Numbers Don’t Lie! Counting and What Counts in the Cultures of Basketball.  But here’s a list of other things I’ve published.

What are others in the media are saying about my work?

I live in Oberlin, Ohio with my wife, Claire Solomon.

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