Scholar and Writer

I’ve began doing research in the humanities while doing my Ph.D. in the Graduate Program in Literature at Duke University in the late 1980s. After one year at UCLA, I joined the faculty at Michigan in 1992 and I’ve been there ever since.

Producing original academic scholarship that can be published in respected journals vetted by experts in the field is important to me. Doing this requires me to some degree to conform to scholarly conventions regarding style and argumentation.  Some of these conventions may be essential, others not so much, and others may actually make it harder for humanities scholarship to have an impact outside the university. Regardless, I’m committed in my academic writing to be as clear as I possibly can in my style and argument and as transparent as possible about what I believe the larger stakes to be of the issues I study.

At the same time, I started Between the Lines as a venue through which I could write on a broader range of issues in a more informal style and form and for a broader public.

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