Advisory Board on Intercollegiate Athletics

I’ve just started this position this year, so I don’t know very much about it yet.

Here is what the University’s Regents Bylaws have to say about its functions:

Sec. 11.60. The Advisory Board on Intercollegiate Athletics: Functions (Revised October 2005)

The Advisory Board will function as advisor to the director on the program in intercollegiate athletics. The director will seek and consider the advice of the Advisory Board on all major financial and policy decisions with respect to the program on intercollegiate athletics.

Upon the request of the Advisory Board, the president will meet with the Advisory Board at least once in each of the fall and winter semesters.

Subject only to the ultimate authority of the president and the Board of Regents, the Advisory Board will make, adopt, and enforce the necessary rules and regulations governing all questions pertaining to the eligibility of players, intercollegiate relations, and membership in associations of universities and colleges organized for the regulation of athletics.

The president will appoint the university representative in the Intercollegiate Conference of Faculty Representatives after seeking nominees from the Advisory Board, the Senate Assembly, and others, and after consultation with the Advisory Board. Such representative will be a member of the University Senate and will hold office for a term of five years.

The Advisory Board will report all its official actions, through the president, to the Board of Regents for approval, and will report annually to the University Senate, through the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs. At any time, the Advisory Board may consult with the University Senate through its advisory committee; and at any time, the Senate Advisory Committee may request full information on matters within the province of the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board will at all times receive and consider recommendations from the University Senate and petitions from the student body.